For Therapists

Ensure you have all of the latest tools that will allow you to reach more clients in more locations, all the while saving time and money.

For Parents

Feeling helpless when you cannot find a home therapist? ABA Access makes it easier for you to take an active part in your child’s therapy.

For Health Authorities

Save precious time and money with tools that will aid your employees do more in less time, connecting all caregivers with each child.

Alex’s story: How we got our start

My son Alex was diagnosed with Autism in 2010.  I honestly did not know what to do when I received news of his diagnosis. Then I was told about Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA therapy. Having just retired from the military and started my computer science degree, my university schedule allowed me to be the caregiver present while therapy was being delivered. It was magic before my eyes. My son went from not making eye contact nor being able to talk, to the happy, energetic young boy he is today. I am so proud of his progress.
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Therapy industry issues we're helping to tackle...
Long wait times
Paper based records
Complex booking systems
Overworked therapists

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Since using Mentic's ABA platform, I have noticed a significant shift in my office workload, my time management has improved and my clients and the ones who are benefitting.

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