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From our discussions with several institutions around North America, many common issues have become clear.  Home Therapists find it time consuming and cumbersome dealing with large binders.  Senior Therapists drive long distances to record data by hand, losing precious time that could be spent with helping each child progress.  Organizations spending money needlessly on travel, time, and resource costs while key stakeholders are left wanting access to therapy data. 

ABA Access addresses all of these issues and more.  By offering a write once, read anytime/anywhere solution with a simple, easy to learn and use interface, therapy accessibility and efficiency grows by leaps and bounds.  Senior Therapists no longer need to travel long distances to access therapy data.  Home Therapists can enter all therapy data in one easy interface instead of flipping back and forth between pages.  Health and Therapy Organizations are able to include any stakeholders such as Occupational Therapists or Guidance Counselors within minutes.  All the while realizing preserving and even saving precious health care resources and funding.

To add more benefit, we work with your existing systems.  Unlike off the shelf solutions that are often time consuming and frustrating for technical staff, we work with your staff to give you a solution that is custom built for your needs.  Even better, we aim for seamless integration with your current platforms and websites, ensuring it is your organizations look and feel that your clients see and interact with.  We work in the background so your organization looks great.



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