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The Mentic Wellness Platform is not an out of the box solution, but rather a living platform that grows as we continue to collaborate with our potential and current clients. We believe in giving you exactly the tools you need while maintaining security and platform integrity.

Secure, fast, easy to use, and you never have to worry about the service going down. Hosted on the cloud, the Mentic Wellness Platform is available anywhere in the world. Complying with several health data standards such as HIPPA, your therapy data is stored in a server shard in your country with 256-bit CBC encryption. Coupled with two factor authentication, you get the security you can rely on so you can focus on what’s most important, your clients.

Future proof your practice by using our fully telehealth compatible platform from pandemics such as Covid 19. Avoid interruptions to your clients as you can not only record and analyze data on the move, but also able to deliver therapy by distance. Ensure the safety of your clients and clinicians through the Mentic Wellness Technology platform.

As opposed to apps from an app store, the Mentic Wellness Platform works on any device with a browser. This ensures no user, regardless of socio-economic status, is left out due to the lack of newer, more expensive hardware. We believe firmly in no one being left behind.

For delivering therapy, enjoy entering all your data on one convenient section. Programs can be created from scratch, either as a standalone or as a template for common programs. When assigning programs, simply select the template you wish to use and assign it to your client. Need to make changes? Open a template, alter it, and create a new template for future use.

Working by distance and need to show your supervisor the therapy being done? Video record it and upload it. Have a document that needs signing? Upload that as well. The Mentic Wellness Platform allows users to upload all file types, with only the people assigned to that client able to access them.

Senior therapists can approve therapy progression any where and at any time. Why wait for a home visit or till they come into the clinic? Easily go through your client’s progression and assign new content quickly and easily. Need therapy data for your report? Our therapy data can be exported in several formats so that you can work with your data for presentations.

The Mentic Wellness Platform also offers automatic time sheets for tracking therapy hours, scheduling, ABC Behaviour tracking, quick fire therapy recording for programs that move quickly, and auditing that allows supervisors to explore therapy data at many levels. Whether it is to zoom in on one attempt of one program by one child, or to look at your multiple locations from an enterprise point of view, Mentic has you covered.

Do not see a feature you need but are interested in finding out more? Book a demo today! We will demonstrate the software for you, have a discussion on what needs you have, and work with you to provide the platform that meets all your needs.


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