My son Alex was diagnosed with Autism in 2010.  I honestly did not know what to do when I received news of his diagnosis.  Then I was told about Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA therapy.  Having just retired from the military and started my computer science degree, my university schedule allowed me to be the caregiver present while therapy was being delivered.  It was magic before my eyes.  My son went from not making eye contact nor being able to talk, to the happy, energetic young boy he is today.  I am so proud of his progress.

While observing his therapy over the years, I did notice there were areas in which therapy could be enhanced using technology.  The computer scientist in me began to think on just how we could make life better, not only for my son, but for children everywhere. There were issues that arose, such as not having a home therapist for six months, and the lost time from therapy that went into dealing with the filling out and copying of notes from binders to name a few.

As I began to investigate further, interviewing hundreds of parents, therapists, and caregivers throughout Canada and the United States, I realized just how widespread these issues were. It was heartbreaking to hear how children were not able to access the therapy they needed, especially at such a young age.

It was then that I realized that the Mentic Health Platform would be the means to help break down those barriers to therapy. By providing a new platform that ensures parents, therapists, specialists, teachers, guidance counselors, and health care organizations, we as a company would all be able to ensure each child is looked after in a way that focuses on their individual needs.

It has been my personal mission to ensure that, moving forward, no child gets left behind when it comes to ABA therapy, Speech Therapy, and beyond.