The Mentic Wellness Platform is a collaborative telehealth solution designed to help therapists deliver therapy both remotely and in person.  HIPPA compliant and utilizing the highest degree of encryption available, Mentic is available for use anywhere in the world. The Mentic Wellness Platform (MWP) allows therapists to continue their work safely regardless of the current situation, be it long distances, inclement weather, or global pandemics.

Through its easy-to-use interface, therapists can create and deliver programs quickly.  Programs can be created from scratch or, if the program is going to be repeatedly used for multiple people, can be made into a template for quick and easy assignments.

Analysis tools automatically track client progress, freeing therapists from having to graph out data by hand.  All data can be exported in several formats so users can create their own charts in the software of their choice.

Mentic’s strength comes from its collaborative nature. Clients, Parents, Teachers, Family Doctors, Guidance Counsellors, to name a few can exchange notes and files in a secure, worry-free environment that ensures only information pertaining to that specific client is shared. Clinicians enjoy their own clinical notes section for confidential therapy-related correspondence.  Also included is the ability to input and track Antecedent Behaviour Consequence (ABC) behaviour’s that occur outside of therapy.

Control who has access to which clients through our associated accounts section by adding users that require access to a specific client.  User rights can be assigned specifically or based on their role with the client.  If the user only requires temporary access, an expiry date can be assigned.

Timesheets for tracking therapy billing are automatically tracked the moment the software is used, eliminating the need for paper-based billing records.  Data audits can be conducted within seconds, enabling management to observe their organization’s performance from an enterprise level, or if need be, zoom in on one instance of one individual therapy. Fiduciary reports can be generated quickly by simply entering a date range and clicking a button.

Scheduling therapy is done through Mentic’s easy-to-use scheduling.  Supervisors can observe who is booked for what days and times.  Time off, be it vacation or emergency leave, can be requested within our schedule.  The MWP will automatically alert the user of any conflicts that would result from the leave request, offering to either cancel the therapy session(s) or offer to assign it to another therapist.  All leave requests are approved at the supervisor level.

Currently, the MWP is geared towards ABA and Speech therapy, though through the flexibility of the platform, can be engineered for any form of therapy.