Who Do We Help?

I think the more appropriate question would be, who don’t we help?

The Mentic Wellness Platform takes a heuristic approach to delivering therapy, both at locations and via telehealth.  Whether you belong to a public health authority or a private clinic, we want to work with you to help you get more work done with less materials and less time while improving therapy all at the same time. With more time and resources freed up, realize cost savings as you move toward a more streamlined, convenient process.


It is not just organizations that we wish to help though.  When it comes to client care, there are many people involved. Parents, educators, other medical professionals to name some of the people that are involved with client care are all encouraged to use our platform.  With Mentic, everything is client centric.  Only people who have registered with us and are involved with that client will be able to access their information.  No more note taking or trying to remember what happened at one clinic, at home, or at school. Our collaborative space allows for around the clock communication. Whether it is entering ABC behaviors, sharing notes, photos, or files, or clinicians communicating between professionals, Mentic ensures that no one is left out of the loop. For temporary users such as teachers, who may change on a yearly basis, expiry dates can be entered to ensure only users who require access during specific times can do so.


Recently, our efforts have been focused on Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, intensive behavior intervention, and speech pathology.  We want to do more! Do you think your clinic or department could benefit from secure, centralized records accessible anywhere at any time? Are you thinking of moving to a telehealth model due to the Covid 19 crisis? Do you want to give your clients and fellow professionals better tools that allow them to help their clients realize their true potential? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, contact us today!