Why We Do It

Mentic was started because of a parent’s love for their child.  A parent who wanted to see other children get the same help their child got. Plain and simple.  Having witnessed these shortfalls, our CEO Mark Gauci sought out the input of other parents and was shocked to find that children were missing out on therapy for several reasons.  These include lack of access due to location and/or the inability to find a therapist able to deliver the therapy.

Wanting to know more, Mark talked to clinicians and the healthcare organizations they belonged to.  Other problems became apparent.  The use of paper-filled binders, long travel times, irregular timesheet data, and the lack of quick reporting for fiduciary purposes quickly became other issues that needed to be addressed.

As time has gone on, and development continues, the Mentic Wellness Platform has quickly positioned itself as not just an ABA platform, but a platform-independent, collaborative, telehealth solution for many therapy types on the market.  As we continue to see the effects of Covid-19 on clinics and public health authorities, it becomes quite apparent that the Mentic Wellness Platform is positioned to revolutionize the delivery of therapy.